Thursday, 11 November 2010

Excellent British holidays are boosting domestic tourism

"Excellent" holiday experiences and concerns over job security will help boost the popularity of the staycation in the future, VisitEngland has said.

According to UK Tourism Survey figures releases yesterday by VisitEngland, 4 per cent fewer domestic holiday trips were taken this year compared to 2009, although the UK saw an increase in 13 per cent on 2008.

The figures, says James Berresford, chief executive of VisitEngland, reflects not only consumers’ increasing desire to cut back on leisure spend, but the quality of British holiday being offered.

“Our research shows that the England holiday experience remains an overwhelmingly positive one,” he said. “84 per cent of English break-takers rated their holiday experience as excellent or very good.
“69 per cent of people who had switched from an overseas holiday to one in England agreed that in the longer term, beyond 2010, they will take more domestic breaks than they did previously, which demonstrates that last year’s uplift in tourism has fundamentally changed perceptions of holidaying at home for the better.”

VisitEngland will next February launch a multi-media advertising campaign to help boost domestic travel figures during the Easter holidays.

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